"Knowledge comes,
but wisdom lingers."


Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892)

Yes, accounting & bookkeeping can be time consuming, tedious and confusing.

But it doesn’t need to be if you have the right person(s) and system in place appropriate to your business, lifestyle and budget.


We're ready to help

The question you need to ask

Is your tax preparer really QUALIFIED? Have they passed any competency tests? or possess real in-depth tax code knowledge?

AND the 2nd Question

Does your tax preparer offer other services such as bookkeeping, accounting, audit resolution services, or retirement planning and really take the time to evaluate what is best for you and your family?

2020 and beyond...Is it a gamble for you?

Are you satisfied with the financial advice you've been receiving.

The fallout from not being organized or just simply procrastinating can lead to unnecessary tax return audits, fines and penalties, reduced profitability for your business or in some cases truly disastrous.

When it comes time to draft a budget, do your tax planning, apply for loans, seek new investment, take risks or make investments, establish goals or sales forecasts or make business decisions of any kind you need a clear financial picture otherwise you’re essentially throwing up a “Hail Mary” pass in the dark and hoping that the ball “falls into the right hands” before it’s too late.

Just contact us for a free consultation! -- If you need help setting up a simplified in-house bookkeeping system or reviewing software you already have in place or desire a second opinion regarding advice or a proposal you’ve received or you just want to farm out your entire accounting task so that you can focus on running and growing your business and maintain its profitability then don’t delay.

We assist in the preparation and filing of:

Current year & prior year

Current year & prior year federal and state tax returns and/or AMENDED tax returns. (You have three years from the due date to collect a refund)

Forms applicable to Individuals and Businesses

Automatic Extension to File, Estimated Taxes, Installment Agreement, Power of Attorney and various other forms applicable to Individuals and Businesses such as Information returns, e.g.,1099-Misc or W-2, and Schedule H for Household Employees.

Forms required

Forms required to file Individual, Partnership, Corporate (including S-Corp), Estate and Non-Profit tax returns. This includes multi-state filings as well.

Tax Planning

We also assist with Tax Planning -- HSA or IRA Contributions, Estate and Gift Tax, and Education Savings Accounts and Health insurance enrollment via the HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE {OBAMACARE}

We provide general business research & advisory services.

Business plans, bookkeeping & accounting for small business that require financial

statements for banking, investment, creditor or other reasons.

Call for a free consultation.